01 Dec On Hospitality, #1: Welcome

When my two year-old son woke up last Sunday morning, I did not know him. The sweet-tempered baby I’d sent to bed had turned, overnight, into a person who screamed at me, who hit and cried and screamed some more, all for what what seemed to be no reason at all.

Of the many things I have learned since becoming a mother, these are the ones I’ve been reminded of most frequently: that our children arrive here as strangers; that as soon as we know them they’re made strange again by the hard work of growing; and that our mission in this life is to welcome them. Continually, intentionally, joyfully welcome them at every stage of their becoming—and to help them make this world a home.

Parenthood calls us—immediately, from the moment our children are born—to a new hospitality, both in our families and outside them.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be using this space to explore what this means: what the practice of hospitality looks like, how we can model it for our kids at home and in the world.


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