18 Jul Playlist: Five for Freedom

Searching for a natural, casual way to explore freedom with your children this month? Try music! Our family is using these songs throughout the day—in the car, while doing chores together, at bedtime, etc.—to spark thoughtful, age-appropriate conversations on different aspects of the theme.

Click on song titles for links:

1. Best for party time: “Mind Of My Own,” Frances England

An anthem for every child who cannot wait to make his or her own choices.

2. Best for quiet time: “Free Little Bird” by Lisa Loeb and Elizabeth Mitchell

A gentle paean to the freedom of wild things and to a child’s yearning.

3. Best for bedtime: “Wherever You Go” by Renee and Friends

This lullaby comforts and reassures a child at the edge of autonomy: “I will love you always, wherever you go.”

4. Best conversation-starter: “Ella’s Song,” by Sweet Honey in the Rock

This song’s simple, powerful refrain—“We who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes”—invites parents and kids to talk about what it means to strive for liberty and justice for all people.

5. Best for mindfulness and meditation: “I Have a Million Nightingales” by Linda Hirschhorn and Vocolot

This mantra, loosely based on a piece by Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, serves as prayer for freedom for all who are oppressed.

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