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About Think Sacred

Our children arrive here as strangers. The minute we know them, they’re made strange again by the hard work of growing. As parents, our mission in this life is to welcome them—continually, intentionally, joyfully welcome them—at every stage of their becoming: to help our children make this world a home.


Think Sacred is not about religion. It’s not about one particular church. It’s about us, as parents, being able to minister to our children no matter what we believe—to nurture in them (and to help them nurture in themselves) the values and skills they will need to gain wisdom from their experiences and to find their greater purpose. Think Sacred is about trying parent and live from an intentionally spiritual place: from a place of gratitude and reverence for the truths and mysteries of the human experience.


Join me every Monday morning for a new post on the theme of the month. I’ll be reflecting on my own spirituality, how spiritual practice works day-to-day in my (Unitarian Universalist, two mom, one toddler) family, and how you can use ritual to strengthen and enrich your your own family’s connections.


We can guide our children. We can inspire them. We are already doing it, daily, through love and play. Let’s continue together.

About Jen

As a mother, nanny, and lifelong Unitarian Universalist, Jennifer Shattuck is equally passionate about religious and early childhood education. Join her as she blogs about creating a loving, spiritual home with her wife Audra and toddler son (nicknamed Roo.)


When she’s not writing, Jen can be found crouched on the sidewalks of Plymouth, Massachusetts, taking pictures of trash and other found objects for her ongoing mobile photography project, Guttersugar.

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